Traction Company

RAIR has contributed materials to a number of Traction Company projects in the past including  the construction of Traction Company's first collaborative sculpture, subTRACTION, in 2014. subTRACTION is a one-sixth scale model of the collective's gargantuan sculpture shop. Conceived of and constructed by Traction Company's 14 members, subTRACTION invites viewers to encounter the facility's shared studios, tools, and detritus on an intimate, personal lever. It was exhibited during the CItyWide exhibition where more than twenty artist-run collectives exchanged space fro a multi-gallery, month long exhibit. A large quantity of recycled materials were also given for  works made as part of Traction Company's 2015 solo exhibition at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA). For the exhibit, Traction Company made a series of three modular studio units installed in and during the run of the exhibit. The studios were designed and built by Traction Company, a 12-person artist collective in Philadelphia founded by and entirely composed of PAFA alumni, faculty and staff. After their museum exhibition, the studio units were broken down and re-assembled at Traction Company’s facility in Mantua where they now serve as private studio spaces for Traction artists.  RAIR also supplied craft materials like pipe cleaners, screws, paper, paint, glue, plastics and beads for the weekly “mini making” sessions organized in conjunction with the “Traction Company” show at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. This workstation invited museum visitors of all ages to sit and make miniatures with members of Traction Company.