Ava Hassinger and James Maurelle

Gathering objects of interest from the waste piles both individually and together, Ava Hassinger and James Maurelle treated the RAIR studio as a kind of lab: a space in which to grow and experiment with a series of collaborative ideas. Hassinger and Maurelle identified and explored the common trends in their respective collections, and let this be the starting point of their collaborative work: Hassinger collected tables, dressers, walkers, crutches, trophies and fabrics; Maurelle collected wooden furniture, loose lumber, and weight-bearing objects like chair and table legs. This collaborative pair found common interest in the reignition and recontextualization of found and worn domestic ephemera.

There are memories in these objects, and I think in some ways we’re celebrating their life and death, and hopefully giving them a new life in some ways by re-imagining their identities
— Ava Hassinger