Bryan Zanisnik

Bryan Zanisnik translated his densely layered installations – which also functioned as sets for the artist and his parents to perform within – to the ever-changing landscape of Revolution Recovery. Like the previous two RAIR projects, Zanisnik’s video plays with architecture as performance, as a fantastical space that is inhabited and destroyed within a twenty-four hour period. Using discarded cubicles from a local hospital that appeared during his RAIR residency, Zanisnik built a labyrinth of domestic, institutional, and public spaces and populated this maze with thematic materials from the dump: think office, bedroom, department store, mini-bar, living room, and bathroom. The artist’s father, the suit-clad Bob Zanisnik, led a tour of the temporary structure with random cameos by the artist. In the distance, Dufala performed a choreographed “dance” using the center’s massive “heavy equipment.”

Unfamiliar with RAIR before his residency, Zanisnik, now has a full appreciation of the organization’s mission. He described the environment he experienced at RAIR  “as a place of transitions, where materials come in and go out, and in between these material cycles there is a platform for rigorous and eco-conscious art work.”