Please Crush Museum

October 18th, 2015  1pm- 6pm

Please Crush Museum consisted of 6 teams coming together to put their construction and demolition skills to the test. The teams were asked to build forts using only cardboard, zip ties and tape in only 90 minutes. This was an adult only competition, fort building for big kids! The teams came from a multitude of backgrounds and occupations: architects, artists, designers, local entrepreneurs, and even staff from Revolution Recovery!  The range in skill and approach made for some very interesting ‘forts’. After the completion of the ‘building’ stage of the competition, teams were allowed to then attempt to destroy their opponent’s forts with bowling balls and frisbees. Despite the magnificent attempts, all forts were left standing. And in the spirit of winning all teams received a custom RAIR designed trophy!  


1:00- 1:30   Registration
1:30- 3:00   Build
3:00- 4:00 Judging and Competitive Destruction
4:00-5:30    Hot Dog Hang Out and Awards Ceremony
5:30-6:00Return to the Waste Stream


 Team Argonauts: "The Waste Stream Award"

 Team Vitamin W: "Fortiest Fort Award"

Team Jurdboard Cankies: "Sexiest Fort Award"

 Team Atkin Olshin Schade Architects: "Most Historic-esque Award"

 Team Mighty Gravlax: "Fierest Flag Award"

Team Smack: "Think Outside the Box Award"