Francesca Pfister

Considering her work as a form of “visual archaeology”, Pfister used her time at RAIR to experiment with scale and materials. Pfister  salvaged large fabrics and a collection of individual objects from the waste stream to produce a series of cyanotypes  She was interested in testing how variations in materiality -- types of substrates, kinds of objects, mixtures of emulsions -- created different results in her prints . RAIR offered Pfister  a unique opportunity  to experiment with a variety of techniques in large formats.
During Pfister’s immersion in the waste stream, she was able to explore her interest in urban artifacts and places in flux: “It provided an ideal environment for me both to work on a new project in which I actively used the objects I found for printing and to continue my work on documenting a fascinating transitional space with my camera.” She hopes to eventually exhibit her work at RAIR to highlight her multidisciplinary approach to urban renewal, archaeology, and sustainability.