Gabe Kenney

Gabe Michael Kenney approached his short residency with a clear, focused set of goals. His plan was specific: to use waste materials to create a “Time Machine” and to develop a character, “Robert Collins”, the machine’s technician and mastermind. After building his Time Machine from found clocks, lockers, keyboards, phones, wires, hoses, ducts and umbrella ribs, Kenney orchestrated a performance and “pseudo-experiment in time travel” in which his character Robert Collins travels to the future to deliver cautionary messages about consumer habits and waste culture. Describing his residency at RAIR, Kenney said, “It was a real treat to be able to develop such an extravagant project out of 100% recycled materials. I feel as if I wasn’t contributing to a waste culture by buying new materials that I then reshape . . .  instead, [I was] reshaping what has been disregarded.”