RAIR (Recycled Artist In Residency) is a non-profit arts organization uniquely situated within a construction and demolition recycling center in Northeast Philadelphia.



7333 Milnor St.
Philadelphia, Pa  19136


By appointment only







As a recycler of materials from construction sites, I find it an ironic pleasure to engage with the material that is scrapped from the building industry and elevate it to artistic expression.
— Artist-In-Residence, Simon Kim


As a non-profit arts organization, RAIR relies on the support of its community. You can help us continue to grow and spread our mission! 

Though we set out to explore paper making and printmaking using found materials, we did not anticipate the way in which the FLOW of objects at RAIR would insinuate itself into our work, visually. Much of what we created reflects the moving, dispersive, overflowing, frenetic nature of RAIR, and the waste stream, itself.
— Aritst-In-Residence, Kaitlin Pomerantz
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RAIR’s residency program provides artists on-site access to recovered materials and a studio space to produce work. The RAIR workspace includes a large project space, wood shop equipment, metal working facilities, access to the waste stream for materials, and a material storage area. Each artist has attentive support from RAIR’s staff, who act as liaisons between the artist and the recycling facility.

I feel like my work is changing even just being there. Anytime you
can go as an artist to a space and have that change your work,
it’s pretty amazing.
— Artist-In-Residence, Matt Neff

Special Projects

RAIR’s material sourcing program fulfills requests for found objects from artists, individuals and community partners. After being pulled from the waste stream, the materials are taken off site to studios and workspaces all over the region. This program is intended to encourage a broad range of people to think differently about the collection and disposal of materials.