Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams was a “Biggie-Shortie” resident: working only on weekends, he completed a series of big, temporary projects in a short amount of time, returning his materials to the sorted waste piles at the end of each workday. One of the first RAIR artists in residence to work at Revolution Recovery’s Delaware facility, Williams spent the first chapter of his residency getting to know the equipment and materials readily available on-site: using a forklift, front end loader, and excavator, he constructed a 15,000 lb monumental sculpture built of concrete barrier blocks and aluminum car hoods. Williams’ residency culminated in a series of monitors mounted in waste piles, featuring videos of neatly-cut cross-sections of the building materials of the pile that housed them: an aluminum I-beam presented in a pile of crushed and twisted aluminum; a log presented in a two-story pile of sawdust.

[I’m] taking things that most of society considers garbage, and thinking about the lived history of that thing . . . how it has cycled around the country or globe to get to this particular designation as waste
— Jeff Williams