With a history of highlighting environmental issues in their work – both individually and collaboratively – Kaitlin and John started their residency with a clear vision of what they hoped to accomplish. They focused on industrial paper scraps from RAIR’s waste stream and a nearby paper recycling company to create a series of paper-based works. In addition to the large-scale handmade paper, paper sculptures and 2D pieces they made during their stay, Kaitlin and John made specialized papermaking tools from materials recovered from the waste stream. After creating the handmade paper, they took their work to a nearby estuary of the Delaware River to take pollution prints from the surface scum. These prints were shown in the C.R. Ettinger Studio in November 2014.

Though Kaitlin and John came into their residency with developed views on sustainability issues, they were still struck by the scale of the waste stream: “Seeing the quantity of stuff that passes through Revolution Recovery awakened me to the enormity of the waste problem and process that exists in urban spaces.” They hope their exhibition will call further attention to waste and pollution issues that are integral to the body of work they created.