Kristen Neville Taylor

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I became very interested in the patterns of the trash that came through, as well as the resources used in the day to day operations in the yard. For example, water plays an important role at Revolution Recovery as it is used throughout the day to keep the relentless dust down.

Kristen Neville Taylor focused her residency on Revolution Recovery’s industrial-scale shredder: a machine used on-site to break down waste materials into roughly one-and-a-half inch bits and pieces for the production of biofuel. With the assistance of RAIR staff, Kristen used the machine during the recycling facility’s off-hours to shred large objects and re-assemble them into hand-shaped balls. During Revolution Recovery’s operational hours, when the shredder wasn’t available for use, Kristen made a series of sculptures in reaction to the environment and material resources of the tipping yard: she created a series of quilts after the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition made from silver insulation material used for thermal packing; a sound sculpture featuring a set of public address speakers; and a filtration system to clean the stagnant water that tends to collect in Revolution Recovery’s tipping yard.