Leslie Billhymer, Amy Magida, and Kasey Toomey – the collaborative team of artists, designers and architects known collectively as LOTS – used their time in residence to design and fabricate the functional elements of a gathering space temporarily installed in a vacant lot at the corner of Frankford Avenue and East Susquehanna Street in Kensington. LOTS used PVC pipe and electrical cords from the waste piles to make a series of “chunky chairs” and “tube tables” for dining and reading; construction site fabric and rubber padding for small hammock-like reclining seats called “swing lows”; blue plastic barrels and garden hoses for “lawn ottomans”; and salvaged wood for “the porch” – a multi-purpose platform and stage for small public events like poetry readings and game nights. After the public garden’s three-week installation, the furnishings and objects made by LOTS were donated to a local community garden group.