Please Crush Museum

April 23th, 2017    1pm- 5pm

Join us out in the yard for an intense fort building competition.  Ten teams will compete to build the best cardboard fort and then watch them get demolished!


1:00- 1:30   Registration
1:30- 3:00   Build
3:00- 3:15   Judging
3:30-4:00    Return to the Waste Stream
4:00-5:00    Hot Dog Hang Out and Awards Ceremony

10 teams of 5 people will have 90 minutes to design and build the best, weirdest, tallest, and/or strongest forts made just from cardboard. RAIR will supply the tools (utility knives, tape, zip ties etc.) and the materials (lots and lots of cardboard boxes). And every fort needs a flag! There will also be a flag making station so that each team can make their own to fly above their fort. A panel of judges will then choose their favorites for each category and custom trophies will be given to the winners. Please Crush Museum ends with a cathartic returning of the cardboard back into the waste stream! 

Crushing Participant fees are $75/team or $15/person and includes food and drinks. Since registration is individual please specify what team you would like to be a part of. If you do not have a team, you may register and we will place you on one day of. Email us with any/all questions.

Spectator Only ticket $15/person is for those of you would don't want to participate but just want to watch and hang out. While the Crushing Participants are building the Spectators will take a break from the action and will be led on a tour of the facility.

 REGISTER your team now!


What you need to know:

-This is a ticketed event only
-Participants must be 18yrs or older
- Spectators must be at least 10yrs old.

-All materials and tools will be provided by RAIR
-This event will be held outdoors in the recycling yard, so please come dressed for the weather and wear closed-toed shoes.
-In the event of rain, Please Crush Museum will be rescheduled for April 30th, 2017