The project required access to an actual work site during active hours, in various locations. This kind of access is not easily granted in the normal context of working places, as it has potential to disrupt the work, or is subject to restrictions.

SLINKO used her time in residence to build and edit The Grind, a short video essay that considers the everyday labor on-site at Revolution Recovery as a series of repetitive actions and cycles of delivering, sorting, sifting, grinding, shredding, compacting, loading, piling, and removing materials. The repetitive routine featured in the video is punctuated by moments of surprise: a cloud of colored dust, a runaway chair, a household object stuck in the teeth of an excavator. Slinko’s project offers viewers the sensorial experience of an average day on-site at the recycling facility during operational hours, and at the same time it hints at a human presence and a search for meaning through fragmented narration and walkie-talkie dialogue.